Order easily


Order your analyses online or ask for a  ONLINE QUOTE

From our website, you can order your analyses online. To this end, all you have to do is :

  1. Choose the type of analyse you need
  2. Choose the deadline required
  3. Fill in the necessary details for your order

After your order and if this is your first visit, we will establish your client account using your company’s information.

To establish a quote online on our website, provide all requested information and an estimate price will be completed.

For major or recurring orders, send us your contact details so that we can see how to meet your needs and establish a framework agreement in the long run.


Get your sampling kit (if necessary)

For analyses requiring a sampling kit, we will send it to you as soon as possible, with an explanatory note.


Samplings: DIY!

If you are a professional, certified or accredited, you master the sampling techniques. If you’re not used to samplings and you wish to do them on your own, you can find the instructions down below to do them in the best possible conditions.

You must be aware that for some actions or regulatory testings, a licenced sampler is compulsory.


Send your simples with the delivery slip

To send your samples, we suggest you to use Chronopost for any package weighing less than 2kg, by filling in carefully the sheet: samples’ delivery slip.

Tips for the shipment of samples: request for the analysis (page 2)


Size/Quantity Packing

Sugar cube equivalent:

For dust (on soils, beam…): 

Wet wipe (like baby wipe) on both sides of the surface (avoid the duct tape system)

Or teaspoon equivalent

Double individual package in sealable and waterproof plastic bag.

Example: zipped freezer bag without any hole, available in large stores or from office supplies suppliers

In no way shall you use paper envelope (permeable)

Air Cellulose ester filter Petrislide box

Samples identification

Samples identification must be written with a permanent marker on the packaging. Those identification written afterwards on the test reports by our registration service.

Samples delivery note

Samples must be identified on the delivery note (FOR02/PU/F/TDD/02, available upon request) or on any other header’s document. This document must resume:

- The list of samples sent (with a clear reference for each sample that must be referred on the packaging), the number of samples, the dates of dispatch and sampling
- File reference
- Type of sample
- Potentially the site/location of the sampling
- The sampler

Sample tracking

The analysis of badly conditioned and/or unaccompanied by an analysis request and/or a delivery note will be delayed. An extra-cost could be applied in case of a repetition.

When your samples are received, FlashLab will send you your references by email, as well as the number of samples, the type of analysis and the deadline. Without any additional information on your behalf, the analysis results’ deadlines will be the standard deadlines.

For any shipping in large number, please contact us so we can validate together your deadlines’ results.


Receive your results on time

Results will be sent to you by email when the reports are validated.

You can view your results online only if you have a FlashLab client account.