Our lab

A pioneer Lab

Innovative and forward-looking, FLASHLAB is an expert lab that targets professionals. Close to its clients, FlashLab meets the needs of control offices, diagnostic specialists, manufacturers and collectivities concerning analyses and expertise. We offer you a specific offer in terms of environmental quality (air, water, soil) as well as the qualification and identification of building materials.

FlashLab was created by Mr. ESBER, a chemist by training, who is a pioneer in the material analysis business in France.

The implementation of new laws in terms of pollutant emission detection and control (itself resulting from the awareness of the environmental factors’ impact on public health) will generate an increasing demand in terms of testing, biological and physicochemical analyses as well as nanoparticles.


Our Research and Development department works actively today for future analyses / tomorrow’s analyses.

An innovative technology

FlashLab is located in Illkirch (near Strasbourg) and in Longjumeau (Paris area), which allows us to deal with several thousands of samples a day!

Thanks to major investments in terms of analytical equipment, information system and logistics, we offer our customers quick and accurate solutions, with strong added-value and at competitive prices, to enable them to perform in their respective markets.

This also reflects our common will to provide our teams a safe environment and quality tools.

Depending on the analysis required, a highly trained staff handles optical microscopes, electronic microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes,…


Our analyses’ digital management system provides us an efficient and computerized administration through all the stages of an analysis: order taking, samples receipt, tracking, search results and record keeping.

Excellence and Innovation

FlashLab chooses, both in France and abroad, experts from different disciplines in order to create a unique, international and multi-disciplined team. We have biologists, chemists, physicians, geologists, toxicologists, pharmacists,…

Our dual competences enable us to have a 360-degree view, an optimized results interpretation as well as a relevant and targeted answer to any demand required by a customer, no matter its problematic or its line of business.

Our Research and Development department works actively today for future analyses / tomorrow’s analyses.

As proof, being member of the AFNOR Commission who works on the “definition and control of risks related to nanomaterials”, we will be able to anticipate the evolution of laws and consequently of the market.


Our Research and Development department is actively working to provide tomorrow's analysis.